RPE guest at C. Next

RPE guest at C. Next

RPE attended, on 2nd of February,  the event of C.Next members for the inauguration of the Innovation Hub in Ivrea at the historical "Officine Camillo Olivetti":

"...1,500 sqm of renovated spaces divided into modules that can be configured according to different needs, as well as individual workstations. There are also common areas, such as meeting rooms and a break area, as well as a 50-seat auditorium, storage and private parking spaces' (C.next linkedIn)

What is an Innovation Hub?
"A digital innovation hub is a territory-based ecosystem whose role is to stimulate the knowledge and adoption of 4.0 technologies by the production system, The main challenge of DIHs is to lead companies in the transition towards a 4.0 production system, in which they introduce technologies, develop digital transformation projects and access the innovation ecosystem at regional, national and European level." (Industry Platform 4 FVG)

What is C.Next?
"a system of innovation poles distributed throughout the country that develops innovation projects for enterprises and support the economy and regeneration of territories." (C.next linkedIn)

C.Next's mission is to create a business community based on an original model, focused on the diffusion of 4.0 technologies and digital innovation, that RPE is proud to be part of!



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