RPSchool is RPE's corporate academy aimed at all members and collaborators.

An academy designed and built to represent an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, useful for enriching the wealth of knowledge and essential for the continuous growth of the business and corporate competitiveness.

RPE considers development and improvement to be important with a view to the continuous growth of its professionalism and competitiveness. For these reasons it was decided to create a real company academy; RPSchool offers the possibility, through its courses, to be able to increase one's know-how and to offer its collaborators the possibility of improving their wealth of knowledge.

The idea behind this new and important project is that it is important to improve ourselves not only as professionals but also as people, in fact this allows us to offer our customers the best.

The courses have been designed and chosen with strategic criteria to strengthen the most important aspects of the supply chain, for this reason they have been divided into four different categories: management systems, business courses, language courses and IT courses.

The ultimate goal will be to increasingly implement the course offering, in order to be able to offer complete and competitive training to its employees, in order to be able to efficiently supervise all company activities.

RPSchool is an important tool and initiative for its internal and external improvement, offering the opportunity to build "our value" together with its collaborators.

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