TD DISPENSER, a solution to produce less plastic

TD DISPENSER, a solution to produce less plastic

100 billion plastic bags are produced a year in Europe alone, many of wich end up in our oceans and water ways.

Another huge problem are plastic bottles, 67 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the trash every day.

The convenience and benefit of water dispensers is a great solution to help us reduce plastic pollution, RPE is contributing to the reduction of these materials by designing and developing high quality solenoid valves for beverage and water dispenser.



- Direct acting

- Working pressure: UP TO 16 bar - 261 psi

- Fluid temperature: Tm 75°C

- ED 100%



- Valve body: PA 66 30% FG

- Core: Stainless Steel AISI 431

- Spring: Stainless Steel AISI 316

- Gasket: EPDM - FKM



- Push fit Jonh Guest

- Pilot assembly: Byonet

- Electric connections: Fast on 6,3X0,8


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