V2 Steam Series Ø 2.5 mm

V2 Steam Series Ø 2.5 mm

The V2 Steam Series Valve with a Ø 2.5 mm Orifice can be used in applications where high temperature fluids (water, coffee, tea, etc.) or Steam need to be controlled and regulated.
This is a fluid separation valve that also allows denser substances such as milk to flow properly through the equipment.

The V2 valve is equipped with a patented self-cleaning system that allows the removal of debris or scale deposits caught at the orifice passing, cleaning the valve every time it opens and closes. This feature is a perfect solution for draining hot water boilers and other applications where scale can be prevalent.



- Direct Acting

- Working Pressure: 0 - 12 bar

- Fluid Temperature: 0 - 140°C

- Flow Direction: Unidirectional

- Nominal Diameter: DN 2.5 mm



- Valve body: PPSU

- Diaphragm: EPDM

- Core: Stainless Steel

- Spring: Stainless Steel



- Inlet: Push-Fit 6 mm

- Outlet: Push-Fit 6 mm


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