Nylon Adjustable cartridge

  • Installation

  • The product can be installed in any position, without compromising its operation and performance.
  • Hydraulic connections

  • Inlet Push-fit Ø8 mm
    Push-fit Ø10 mm
    Push-fit 3/8''
  • Outlet Push-fit Ø8 mm
    Push-fit Ø10 mm
    Push-fit 3/8''
  • Physical characteristics

  • Body PA66 GF30
  • Other component NBR, LIQUID SILICONE, POM
  • Working characteristics

  • Working pressure 0 -10 bar
  • Room temperature 0 - 60°C
  • Fluid temperature 0 - 25°C
  • Flow direction Unidirectional
  • Nominal diameter Ø7 mm

Technical data sheet

Model Inlet Outlet Check Valve Flow restrictor
F31432XX Push-fit Ø8mm Push-fit Ø8mm
F31442XX Push-fit Ø8mm Push-fit Ø10mm
F31452XX Push-fit Ø10mm Push-fit Ø8mm
F31462XX Push-fit Ø10mm Push-fit Ø10mm
F31462XX 38 Push-fit 3/8'' Push-fit 3/8''

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