POM Check Valve Cartridge

Cartridge check valve for controlling and managing fluid flow within a circuit.

The use of the check valve allows the fluid to flow in one direction only, preventing reflux within the circuit.

This allows fluid access within a machine to be restricted to the required areas only, preventing possible damage due to improper temperatures, pressures and substances. Useful to preserve the life cycle of the machine/circuit.

The cartridge is available in both hose connector and spigot versions and with fluid passage version from left to right or right to left.

Some examples of applications: coffee machines, water dispensers, household appliances, ovens and wherever fluid passage control is required.

POM Check Valve Cartridge
Flow rate
Data sheet
  • Working characteristics

  • Working pressure 0-10 bar
  • Room temperature 0-60°C
  • Fluid temperature 0-60°C
  • Flow direction Unidirectional
  • Physical characteristics

  • Fitting bodies POM
  • Gaskets FKM-EPDM
  • Spring check-valve Stainless Steel
  • Installation

  • The fitting can be installed in any position without affecting its functioning.
  • Applications

  • Wherever the fluid direction control is needed.
  • Hydraulic connections

  • Direction A - White  
  • Inlet Hose Ø6mm / Spigot Ø6mm
  • Outlet Push fit Ø6mm
  • Direction B - Grey  
  • Inlet Push fit Ø6mm
  • Outlet Hose Ø6mm / Spigot Ø6mm
  • Marks and certifications

  • Food contact materials.


Model Inlet Outlet Color Fluid direction
F31DD05Z Hose Ø6mm Push fit Ø6mm White =>
F31DD05Y Push fit Ø6mm Hose Ø6mm Grey <=
F31DD06Z Spigot Ø6mm Push fit Ø6mm White =>
F31DD06Y Push fit Ø6mm Spigot Ø6mm Grey <=

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